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Basic Questions About Web Hosting:

1) What is web hosting?

Every web site on the internet needs to reside on a web server. Although a normal PC, combined with the appropriate software, can be used as a web server, a web server is usually a computer with much more resources than a regular PC. In addition, a web server needs to have a very high speed, and very stable, connection to the internet.

A web server is always connected to the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, waiting for a web surfer anywhere around the world to request one of the web sites being served by the web server. Each web server is addressed by one or more IP addresses. An IP address is a number that is used to point to one or more web sites, which is how a specific web site is found on the internet.

A web hosting company owns and maintains a large number of web servers, and it "rents out" web hosting accounts to customers. For a monthly fee, the web hosting company allows you to have your web site "hosted" on their web servers.

2) What is a web hosting plan?

Every web hosting customer has different needs. Some web hosting customers simply want to host small, personal web sites. They do not need all the features and services possible. Other web hosting customers host commercial web sites, and need special features and services, and are willing to pay a larger monthly fee. Other web hosting customers want to have all the web server resources dedicated to their web site only, while others want to own the server and they simply need to use the high speed connection provided by the web hosting company.

Therefore, web hosting companies usually provide a number of plans. Each plan has different features, and each is suited to a specific type of customer.

3) What is a domain name?

A domain name is a name that refers to a specific web site. For example, "WebHostingSeeker.Com" is a domain name. Each domain name has an extension. The most common extensions are ".com", ".net" and ".org".

A domain name can be registered with companies that provide domain registration services, in exchange for an annual fee. When you register a domain name, you can use this name to point to your web site.

Although some ISP's and other companies provide free web hosting, they usually provide you with a long and complicated URL (example: http://www.yourispdomain.com/~yourname). The only part you can customize is the part "yourname". Others allow you to have a "subdomain", such as yourname.yourispdomain.com, where you can choose the "yourname" part.

However, most professional companies and commercial web sites prefer to register their own domain name. This makes it easier for people to remember their domain name, and enables people to quickly enter the domain name in any web browser and visit their web site.

Registration of a domain name costs as little as: $8 - $35, depending on the company and the services provided.

4) How much does web hosting cost?

Web hosting costs vary greatly between web hosting companies, and between web hosting plans with the same company. The cost depends on the number of features and services being provided by the web hosting plan you choose. Please refer to the web hosting guide for additional information about specific features.

In general, web hosting can cost as little as a few dollars a month, up to hundereds of dollars a month.

General Questions:

1) Does WebHostingSeeker.Com provide web hosting services?

No, WebHostingSeeker.Com acts simply as a guide to web hosting. Web hosting companies add their information to our database, including information about their company and the web hosting plans they offer. Potential web hosting customers can then use the various tools provided by WebHostingSeeker.Com to search through this database of web hosting companies and plans in order to find the one that best matches their needs.

WebHostingSeeker.Com also provides some information, articles and tools that are useful to web hosting customers and web designers. In addition, WebHostingSeeker.Com provides a discussion board for web hosting customers to interact with each other and potentially with web hosting company representatives.

2) Does it cost me anything to use the search tools provided by WebHostingSeeker.Com?

No, WebHostingSeeker.Com is 100% free to use. Most of the search tools, information, articles and other tools are available for any web surfer to use. Other more specialized tools are reserved for registered users. Registration is quick and 100% free of charge!

Registration is required simply because it allows us to better control some areas and tools such as the discussion board and the "Request a Quote" tool. This prevents these features from being misused by spammers.

3) What tools does WebHostingSeeker.Com provide for finding a suitable web hosting company and plan?

WebHostingSeeker.Com provides tools that enable web hosting customers to search through web hosting companies or to search directly for web hosting plans. Since each customer will have different requirements, the method used for finding a suitable web host will be different. We recommend that users try searching for a web plan that matches their requirements, and then also browse through the web hosting companies listed. This is because some web hosting companies might not have all their plans listed, and some web hosts might have special offers or new plans that you might want to take advantage of.

A web hosting customer can use our "Web Hosting Plan Directory", which lists web hosting plans in categories related to the type of plan. The customer can also use our basic or detailed search functions to select specific features and requirements they are looking for in a web hosting plan. All the tools for searching for a web hosting plan are found at the Search Hosting Plans page.

Web hosting customers can also use our "Web Hosting COmpany Directory" to find web hosting companies categorized by the services and types of web hosting they offer. The "Web Hosting Company Search" feature allows the customer to search for a web hosting company by specific criterea such as the types of web hosting the offer, or if they offer a money back guarantee, etc. The "Regional Directory" can be used to find web hosting companies based in a certain country. Finally, the "Keyword Search" facility allows customers to search by keyword in the company name or description. All the tools for searching for a web hosting company are found at the Search Web Hosts page.

4) Why should I sign up for membership at WebHostingSeeker.Com?

Membership at WebHostingSeeker.Com is 100% free! You should sign up for membership in order to be able to use special member only features, listed below:

a) Becoming a member will allow you to "bookmark" web hosting plans and companies that you like. This allows you to compile a list of your favourite web hosting plans and companies as you conduct your search.

b) Members can contact a web hosting company through our web site using a quick web based form instead of using your own email account. The web hosting company will reply to your inquiry at your email account.

c) Members can write reviews about web hosting companies they have used. This helps other web hosting customers in their search.

d) From time to time, we make deals with web hosting companies to offer special discounts to WebHostingSeeker.Com members. Only members will be notified when these discounts become available.

e) Members can also use the "Request a Quote" feature to contact (participating) web hosting companies with questions or to request a quote for a certain set of features.

f) Members can choose to receive email notifications of special offers, site updates, and new listings of web hosting companies or plans.

g) Members can use the discussion board to interact with other potential web hosting customers, and perhaps some web hosting company representatives.

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